Three generations have contributed with effort and work in the construction of MACOPISA GROUP, a proud Mexican holding company that has grown since its formation almost 50 years ago, based on sustainable production processes and nationwide commercialization of wood for the furniture, construction and packaging industries.

Generating through the years a vast experience in the forest branch, today the GROUP; offers its customers a high knowledge of the industry and its variations, which can be summarized in the high quality of the products that form the catalogues and inventories of their companies.

As one of the most important organizations in its field MACOPISA, is the best option in wood in the west of the country, having also presence in different states of the republic.


In MACOPISA GROUP, for decades, we have been dedicated to transforming and marketing forest products, industrial and commercial spaces. We have our own forests, manufacturing plants and more than 20 thousand m² of storage and distribution centers, in addition to modern transportation equipment and a highly trained staff aware of the responsibility involved in their work.

The GROUP; is made up of three specialized companies:

Through which we serve our customers by focusing on the areas that cover their needs.


To transform and market forest products with the best quality and service, in a sustainable way, meeting the specific needs of our customers.


To become the most important forestry consortium in our country, being socially responsible and one of the best business groups to work with.


• Sustainability • Passion
• Commitment • Quality
• Honesty • Teamwork


In MACOPISA, as a forest, industrial and commercial GROUP; working in a sustainable manner, honestly committed to the environment and its preservation, is very important to us.

It is a whole institutional philosophy of the companies that make us up and those who are part of them.

That's why all our products guarantee safety and protection of our forests, which confirms that we work responsibly with natural resources, aiming to ensure a better future for the new generations.